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Clients sometimes bypass the auction process and request an outright purchase for their personal property or estate. We can help you sell items with options like “best offer” and “buy now” over traditional bidding. If an offer is agreed upon, full payment is made to the owner/estate, and removal of the items is scheduled.

If you have rare collections or antiques such as pottery, vintage toys, sports cards, coins, etc., an online auction may be an ideal way to sell those items to a target audience. Let our team at Village Auctions work with you to sell your unique collections to the highest bidder. With a certified appraiser on staff, we can help you sell your items for the right price. Collectors, stay connected with us here or follow us on social media for information on upcoming online and onsite auctions containing rare and vintage collectibles.
Only have a few items you need to sell? Online Consignment Auctions are the perfect option. The team at Village Auctions will make arrangements for you to either bring your items to our auction warehouse or arrange for pick-up by our team. We will then process your items for bidding in an upcoming online auction.
We are here to help you manage the selling of your assets every step of the way. From business liquidations, bankruptcies, and divorce to vehicle fleet management, and heavy equipment sales, our team at Village Auctions can handle it all.

Often, clients need a total liquidation due to relocation, downsizing, or life events. This option allows our team to help individuals and families through an often difficult or stressful time with understanding and sensitivity to their situation while ensuring a profitable return.

When downsizing or liquidating a business or estate, on-site auctions are a convenient solution. The auctions occur at a specified location, with a licensed auctioneer calling bids with buyers ready to purchase and take their items the same day. Our team at Village Auctions will handle the entire process from start-to-sold.
Village Auctions offers personal property appraisals by a certified staff member. With our appraisal services, you can expect client confidentiality and respect for your personal property. You can rely on our appraiser for an unbiased examination of your item and exceptional communication throughout the process.


A live auction is at a physical location where you, the potential bidder must come onsite, register to bid, bid on desired items as an auctioneer is calling bids, pay for winning bids and take your item(s).


An online auction is posted online for a period of time. The customer registers and bids online, they monitor their online bids and at the end of the auction the winning bidder comes to a specified location at a specified time to pick up their items.

Choose the auction you are interested in on the Village Auctions homepage. This will link to the HiBid auction platform. Click on the auction you would like to bid on and fill in the necessary fields. It will ask for a credit card. In order to bid a valid card must be registered. This ensures payment to the auctioneer however, if you prefer to pay at pickup you must make arrangements with the auctioneer prior to the auction’s end.

The max bid feature allows you to put the most you are willing to pay minus the buyer’s premium and taxes and not have to continue bidding on the item. You may possibly win for a lesser amount but never more than your max bid.

Auctions typically do not end abruptly. With a staggered closing each item closes individually giving bidders a final opportunity to consecutively bid and win. If a bid is received within the last minute, that lot will extend an additional 2 minutes until all bidding has ceased.

Contact us via phone at 910-528-4391 or email us at info@villageauctions.net to schedule a free in person consultation.

I grew up in Moore County, married my high school sweetheart and raised my 3 children here. It’s changed and grown so much over the years but there is no other place I’d rather provide my services. Growing up, being an auctioneer never crossed my mind but going to auctions with my wife to find merchandise for her resell business I had the opportunity to meet some really nice people who had great skill. The process became very interesting to me. One auctioneer in particular entertained all my questions and agreed to become a mentor while I was deciding if this was something I wanted to pursue. I already had a salaried job and a successful side hustle but being an auctioneer seemed like an exciting pursuit. It has not disappointed! Once I made the decision to go to auctioneer school and passed all the requirements word of mouth provided me with my first few auctions. Some were simply for people who wanted to purge, others were moving and needed to minimize their belongings and many were adult children who had the difficulty of downsizing or closing estates for their aging or deceased parents. I quickly realized that being an auctioneer goes beyond selling items for people, it is truly a service that helps people through exciting opportunities or makes the transition of difficult circumstances a little easier.